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    Portable Crazy Machines Inventors

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    Portable Crazy Machines Inventors

    Post  __hEaVeN__ on Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:37 am

    Portable Crazy Machines Inventors | 35 MB


    Crazy Machines is a contraptionbased puzzle game inspired by Sierra's
    The Incredible Machine series. Players must solve more than 200
    challenges by building functional machines out of an assortment of
    pulleys, gears, balloons, rubber bands, light bulbs, and other gadgets.
    Most scenarios offer multiple solutions, allowing wouldbe inventors to
    approach each task in a number of creative ways. Players must figure
    out how best to cook meat, grow flowers, light cannons, and more using
    over 70 items or parts. A professor will offer some critique and
    helpful hints as inquisitive engineers tinker with the game's working
    physics model.


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